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Australia has some of the world's most stringent quality standards which are met or exceeded by E.C. Throsby Pty Ltd. The quality program is a HACCP based system approved by the Department of Agriculture and water Resources.

E.C. Throsby Pty Ltd has a fully integrated Quality Assurance System that monitors all aspects of the people, process and product to assure the company, customers and regulatory authorities that the quality of the end product is of the highest standard.


Our Quality System achieves a safe and wholesome product through the implementation of a scientifically based HACCP system.


Our Process operates to the highest standard through the implementation of “Good Manufacturing Practices” and a robust Hygiene and Sanitation Program.

 At E.C. Throsby Pty Ltd our top priority is Food Safety, the facility was designed with this in mind. We focus on maintaining an environment that produces beef to the highest Food Safety Standard.

 The company has Halal Accreditation, and ensures all products are produced in accordance with the company's Approved Arrangements, HACCP, Relevant Australian standards, Aus-Meat requirements and relevant regulatory requirements, to access these trade partners. We focus on producing beef products, to the highest food safety standard.


  • Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System (AAWCS)
  • BRC Global Standards for Food Safety
  • Export Establishment Register


Microbiological testing is performed on product, process equipment and surfaces to verify that operations, including the cleaning have been conducted as stated in the Quality System. Microbiological testing is performed in both On Plant Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Approved Laboratory and Off Site NATA Approved Laboratories.