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OUR facility

Our facility is state of the art design consists of custom designed stockyards, a slaughter floor, boning room, offal and tripe rooms, coldstore, plate freezers and a rendering plant. All of these were designed to ensure high productivity with minimal impact on operators and the environment.
Our processing area's include state of the art equipment and machinery and have utilised technology to enhance and simplify the process, in turn increasing productivity.


our modern state of the art holding yards have the capacity to hold 4000 head of Livestock


Electric Stunning,Halal Slaughter


Hot Boning, Side Chain


Fully integrated carton racking system

Rendering Plant

Our Rendering Plant produces Meat Meal and Tallow through a Keith High Temperature continuous cooker. We also process Dry Blood through a coagulator and then through a Keith Ring Dryer. The products are available to both domestic and export markets.