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welcome to e.c. throsby

E.C. Throsby Pty Ltd is a private, 100% Australian owned beef processing company. We are an Export Registered Establishment through the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, under Establishment number 486.

The abattoir is located in Whittingham in the beautiful Hunter Valley NSW Australia. It is just 2.5 hours north by car from Sydney.

E.C. Throsby is an industry leader in the processing and distribution of Australian grass feed beef. Our company provides quality freshness and valued beef products to all parts of the globe. Our commitment to our farmers, customers and workforce is paramount in producing a quality product.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our exciting company and encourage you to contact us to find out more or how you can be a part of the E.C. Throsby story.

Our History

The Throsby Family have been processing livestock in the Hunter Valley with more than “65 Years” experience since1951. The current processing facility in Whittingham commencing operations in 2000. E.C. Throsby has evolved into one of Australia’s leading national and export quality meat suppliers.

E.C. Throsby works closely with area livestock producers on their live cattle marketing. We strive to add as much value as possible to their operation. Relationships are key to success. We consider all cattle suppliers, vendors and beef customers as integral parts of our company family.

For more than 65 years successive generations of the Throsby family have provided the world with healthy Australian meat and the business remains 100% family - owned and operated.


E C Throsby is a progressive beef packer whose products are marketed worldwide. The plant processes cows and bulls, and produces product lines such as Bone In & Boneless Beef (Manufacturing & Primal Cuts), Offals, Fancy Meats and Tripe for the export and domestic markets. Our company exports approximately 95% of our products to countries including USA, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan and the Middle East Countries just to name a few. About 5% products for domestic markets. As well as the high quality meat and offal products produced, we are also able to supply associated byproducts which include hides, meat and bone meal, and tallow.

The company has Halal Accreditation, and ensures all products are produced in accordance with the company's Approved Arrangements, HACCP, Relevant Australian standards, Aus-Meat requirements and relevant regulatory requirements, to access these trade partners. We focus on producing beef products, to the highest food safety standard.